Monday July 13

1 home garden2 Frog Buddha3 Cyn and Roy4 Cyn and Owl LizBy the skin of my teeth…I got the hell out of Reno. It took Eric’s Saturday chocolate B-Day cake and two coffees. A panic trip back to J’s VW because Roy’s stovetop was not working — Jeremiah kindly turned on the gas. And oh goodness, task/errand, task/errand, task/errand – breath, stay present, one thing at a time. Not that Reno is not a great place to be. My garden was lovely, order and peace filled my surroundings.


But heck, I was in love…Roy love that is…my newly acquired 1995 VW Eurovan camper bus. e-Bay purchase from Jackson Hole, Wy, named Roy by Clint and his family. Roy had led a pampered life, showing up looking like he was off the showroom floor. Liz the owl came with Roy, custom-made for me and named by me. Cynthia, Roy , and Liz: critical mass for launching the Summer 2015 Gypsy Tour. Theme: Follow the Love.

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