Wednesday, July 22

Wednesday, July 22.

Made it down the road a bit Tuesday evening to next hot springs, Belknap, and delightful sweet family oriented resort with beautiful gardens and electricity, water, showers. Found out high school / college therapist Javier had passed at 81. McKenzie bridge, not quite half-moon, thinnest night haze – chocking sobs. Every week sessions initially with Javier my senior year high school; less frequent but ongoing over time.

Javier early one: “Cynthia, you can’t quit until I say you are ready. Too many people get ‘a little fixed’ and stop. The problems and issues re-emerge, cycle through, create negative patterns ad grooves for a lifetime. You have to stay till I tell you.” So I did, for I believe five years. Over time he and dear wife and therapist Karol also saw my mother, father, and brother. So much wisdom and insight; keeping me (mostly) on the right side of the railroad tracks. He mentored me, parented me, loved and cared for me. Karol also became a dear friend. Fundamental, elemental, both Javier and Karol in my life. We mostly stayed in contact, stayed friends, all these years.