Wednesday July 15

Made it to Shasta City at the base of Mt Shasta, great KOA campground with a divine shower (as in a shower, with warm water!) Tired and emotionally frayed. I was doubting myself, not yet simpatico with Roy. Little things immediately sent me into a tail spin – Roy was going to “break”, I was out in the woods without cell coverage (Sprint!), and the trip would be off. Okay, only a few times, but enough for me to realize I had some emotional work to do on jumping to conclusions, assuming the worst. My practice: breath, come to neutral, equanimity, that place of neither grasping or pushing away (aversion). Sure, easy to play-Buddha when all is simple, familiar. Boy howdy, was I ever going to learn a few things about Cyn-thi-a!


7 Shasta



A touchstone friend responding kindly to my fraying: “Many things are unfolding in their moment as time unfolds.”

Thesaurus: Unfolding (noun): A developmental process; flowering. A progression from a simple form to a more complex one. Development, evolution, evolvement, growth, progression.

My unfolding is reverse engineering, from more complex to simple.

As a member of the onion genus Allium, I am peeling away.