Summer 2015 Gypsy Tour Blog

Business Card for Vista Print Back5As much as I love Reno, the surroundings, and so many dear friends and neighbors, a deep primal craving for more fertile soil, and more green and blue, launched me on my gypsy tour. The theme “follow the love” became interchangeable with “follow my heart” and “follow the beauty”, which I found in and through everyone I met and everywhere I went. Setting out in my newly acquired 1995 VW Eurovan camper already named Roy and christened with an above windshield owl Liz, I found many edges to self, and went beyond most. I had the often daily opportunity to choose how I wanted to feel: secure or insecure. Without much of a game plan, I lived much more by intuition and desire. 54 nights in Roy, spending most of my time in state and national parks and forests, living simply in gratitude, appreciation and joy; letting time unfold at its nature-pace, surrendering many conceptions of how things should be. I found my next home in Bellingham, Washington – a teeny “butterfly house” – part of old farm homestead on the edge of town – worn and wild – just like me, just like me.