Thursday July 30th

Second lovely night in the northeast portion of the park, White River campground by the river same name. Hikes yesterday and today up close to Rainer’s northeast side, sunny and hot. Spectacular views to Seattle, Mt. Baker, and Cascade Peak. Dry, dry, dry. Fellow hikers telling me “it’s scary, I’ve never seen so much exposed ground.” More than scary, it’s quite sobering, consuming my thoughts, my heart. How can I better contribute to mitigating this climate mess? Is it Bill McKibben’s; campaign reform including, organic sustainable farming?

27 Rainer Sunrise Station


Score on catching the little mouse in my little Roy house: mouse 3, Cynthia 0.

My I-Pad got hummm, a little wet Saturday during misty picinic table planks, pushups, and yoga. Overnight bag of rice all functions worked again in the morning (just like when I dropped it in the bathtub a couple of months ago); but for the bit of rice that got stuck in the charger plug. Today finally that half rice grain fell out, so I am back in music, Ted talks, etc. business!

In cleaning Roy a bit a found an ancient fortune cookie fortune: “When in doubt, mumble.” I would have thought: “When in doubt, speak from the heart.”

Tomorrow I am looking forward to a shower, laundry, internet, cell, and dinner out; though I will very much miss Rainer! To visit again…

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    • amazing…challenging…and so gentle…thank you for following along…Love, Cynthia

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