Thursday July 16 – Sunday July 19

8 Dexter Market9 Foxglove Lost Valley10 Mossy Forest Trees11 garden lost valley12 cabin lost valley13 Composting toliet14 white oak camp tree15 Dead PossumI had made it all the way to Dexter, OR, about 18 miles southeast of Eugene, to Lost Valley Educational Center for some serious hanging out time. Friend and board member Fred had raved to me about Lost Valley intentional community nestled in 88 acres of diverse, renewing forest at the foot of the Oregon Cascades. With about 50 F/T residents, this was a chance to get close to nature and learn about the permaculture approach of ecological design and restoration used in their gardens, meadows, forests, pond, creek and trails.

Sunday evening I am relaxed and renewed. I was in sync with Roy. I had been riding my hybrid bike up and down mossy forest roads and all around Lost Valley trails, eating delicious vegetarian meals, camping with the convenience of a composting toilet, surrounded by hens, roosters, and ducks. I’d been invited to group meditations, newly-formed choir practice, had some delightful conversations, and any number of hugs, smiles, and sense of common spirit. You know, I really like this place! Maybe they will have me back in the Spring for a 3-month permaculture internship.

Lost Valley pictures include: Dexter Market, end of season foxgloves on 6-ft spires, mossy-trees forest road, one of many LV gardens and resident cabins, composting toilet, beautiful mossy White Oak tree with Roy nearby, small (4 inches) dead possum that I moved to the side of the forest road, and beautiful family garden using old greenhouse framing for green bean lattice.

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