Sunday, September 6th

Back in Reno-Reno yesterday afternoon two o’clock. Twelve hours Friday Olympia to Mt Shasta. Biked in Eugene on the way down. Beautiful thunderstorm building from the west that an hour later I followed Eugene to Ashland. Buckets of rains, slushy ice drops south of Eugene. Couple hours later, the rains running in the streets and gutters Ashland.  I knew I was good to go from Olympia 8:30 Friday morning seeing Roy’s clock was within one minute of my phone. Took all the tour for Roy to finally sink with real time, not “2:47” at 6 pm, or “8:41” at high noon. Friday night camped rest stop with truckers and RVs outside of Shasta City. Nice that I can do that. Get some sleep, toilet, running water. Breakfast in Shasta counter talk with Missouri couple there for a niece’s 400-guest wedding. Sacramento life-long civil servants relocated a few years ago to Missouri. Tired of Sacramento and grandkid babysitting. Loving their new life.. They thought Bellingham move was a great idea. Julie said “Be ready for lots of new day at school days, getting out and meeting folks.”  Yeah, I could see that. Will take a lot of new day at school days to cut a new scene, way of living, being, in a new community, new region. I also get more Cynthia time, less responsibilities and duties. Still some doin’ to pull it all off; very doable.

This is my 530 Chicken Court greeting Taylor and Asia.

170 Asia Taylor171 Asia and Taylor173 flowers174 tomatoes175 kitchen


We three had a blast last evening. Still, I ended up sleeping in Roy. That could happen again tonight.