Saturday August 22nd

Made it through quite a bit of California work last week without it “killing me” — that is, just the logistics of back and forth campground to town for internet and cell, keeping computer charged up via campsite — coffee shops and pizza parlors. Not my usual work style. So very good for me to go beyond comfort zones and figure it out! Make work, well, work, from Bellingham, WA.

Got out and around all over Bellingham yesterday hybrid biking. So fun to be in a community that I can cruise-bike one end to the other and bisect across, have a bite to eat, all in a few hours.  I am staying a few nights in Roy at my Spring 2016 new Bellingham home. Met Carole and Ruth at the Center Spiritual Living last Sunday and had an instant connection. They have been together for 30 + years, living not in town but up out a bit on close to an acre, called “Homestead”. Modest / small country home, a few old sheds, Ruth’s sculptor studio, and the Butterfly House. That’s Ruth holding the big piece of tree cut shaped like an angel that she found being thrown out / away. That’s Carole holding a couple do garden “tools” a la Ruth.

115 Ruth 3111 Carole

112 Ruth Studio

The vegetable garden caught / stole / has my heart. Of course things just grow here, but I on / here/at this plot of God’s earth, I feel, relate, commune with / to / through the soil, vegetables, flowers,  fruit trees, all of it, already in much of the way Ruth and Carole do. I’ve found a little Tennessee heart here in Bellingham and I am happy. Now I can let go of my 530 Chicken Court “paradise”.

So the Butterfly House is to be mine to live in when in Bellingham — a place to come and go from — a new touch point, grounding, here in the Pacific Northwest, a place to call home. About the size of 3 Roys now, it will be about a third again bigger after  a pretty simple expansion that will in part connect the butterfly house with a back shed. All close to the main house kitchen and bath that I share with Carole and Ruth. I’ll have a sink and hot plate in my back shed, closet there too, wood stove lower level butterfly house, electricity.  That’s about it  — pretty country. “Homestead” has -the smells and textures of country — worn, somewhat wild. I guess that’s the way I feel also. I like this living with one foot outside. The change will do me good.

113 Butterfly house