Saturday, August 1st

I don’t feel like doing a damn thing today! Transition yesterday from near-week in Rainer to first Starbucks north of the park, was well, weird. Good to have internet and cell though. I put in an hour CA-consulting, posted a cache of blogs, made a couple of calls. Did you hear me say it is hot, damn hot? Old normal average temperatures mid-70’s, new normal (?) mid- to upper 90’s. Made it about 80 miles up the road (north and slightly west) from Rainer to the little urban area of North Bend (aka Twin Peaks show), Snoqualmie, and Fall City, to see Snoqualmie Falls — taller than Niagara. Impressive yes, but all I want today is a pedicure and air conditioning. Sweating just standing still! Waiting now for my burger and fries at Tweeds Cafe, “home of Twin Peaks cherry pie.

31 Snoqualime Falls30 Twin Peaks


Way back to camp I stopped at a lavender farm stand. Cornia and Mitch, amazing tree snag carved into lavender gnome whimsy.

32 Lavendar Gnomes 33 Gnomes34 Gnomes 3

After nap, reading, and waiting for afternoon heat to abate, it was country road bike blackberry hunt — which were of course everywhere. My waking hair is resembling the masses of berry brambles, snuggling down in Roy is gooood sleepin’. Roy’s pop top creates a nice little “envelope slip bed” with canvas zip open screened windows three sides. The addition of a memory foam topper and the sweetest dainty floral cotton sheets, is simple abundance.

So I learned a thing or two yesterday in North Bend.

First, put dry clothes in with your wet in laundromat dryers. Dry clothes will absorb some moisture from damp, and in tumbling, get the wrinkles out. “Makes your quarters go further,” two nice guys told me. Compassionate pause. When was the last time I worried about stretching a dollar, much less a quarter?

Second, if Roy’s steering column is locked, the ignition switch will not turn on. Okay…so I was supposed to know that? Well, a mechanic across from the laundromat was kind enough to try and jump Roy, and eventually diagnosed the locked steering column. Dave, with a wife and two little ones, wouldn’t take $20, saying “It’s a North Bend thing.” Sure is. Everywhere I went North Bend, folks warm and friendly. As in, never has anyone – much less a woman older than me (!) – bagged my groceries so nicely and efficiently.

So I might as well keep going with true Roy-confessions. About ten days ago I was at a campground in the McKenzie national forest and couldn’t get Roy started. Family reunion camping brothers Richard and Robert tried to jump Roy. Finally, we figured out Roy has some “anti-something” brake pedal system where if the brake is not depressed the ignition doesn’t work. Okay…so I was supposed to know that also? Well, here’s the deal, it’s only a “sometimes thing” with Roy on depressing the brake pedal. And, this stuff ain’t in the owner’s manual! (BTW, one of the few times in my life I’ve ever much perused a manual, much less with my highlighter.)

Roy has had some getting used to mechanical personality. And, I am obviously outside of the fairly predictable routine and know-how of my Reno daily living. I am finding my edge, and going beyond, baby steps to be sure. Poet David Whyte in one of his CD collections speaks of the need to get so tired of our ways of being, that we break out of patterns, ruts, to take courageous new actions, directions. I have certainly become bored with my life, ever so lovely as it is. I am looking out on the world from the same beautiful windows day after day. Variations on the (same) theme are not working for me. So here I am, three weeks into the gypsy tour still facing the choice of how to react, respond. Two “air boxes” pop up: “secure” or “insecure”; secure / insecure; secure, insecure – again and again. As Ester Abraham Hicks discusses, it’s really only our feelings that we have control over. So how do I choose to feel?

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