More Monday July 27th

How Roy Got His Name and I Got Liz the Owl

Roy’s owner, Clint, Jackson, Wy. shared with me the following story on how Roy got his name.

“Roy’s name came because we have many friends with camper vans. For some reason they are all named after Old Men.  Frank, Roy, Ron, etc.   Well, one friend’s van was named “Sparkles” by his kids.  The owl I had owned for a while before deciding it needed to be on the top of the van. After, the name Roy just made sense because of the owl.  I like how “Roy Owl” is kinda like “Royale I always wanted to start a band and call it Roy Owl.”      Me: Back in Reno I bet my custom plates “ROY95” are ready.

In sealing the Roy deal with Clint, we had the following conversation over the then-Roy owl.

Clint: “We didn’t discuss what to do about the owl.”

Me: “Un-huh.”

Clint: “The owl should stay with Roy, but I’m really attached to the owl.

Me: “Un-huh.”

Clint: “I’m really attached to the owl, but the owl should stay with Roy.”

Me: “Un-huh.”

Clint: “I know, I know! The artist (Larry) is here in Jackson. I see if he will make you your own owl.”

Me: “Alright!!!!”