Monday July 27th

This is how much following my heart — for now at least – is all about mossy and ferny forests. Most precious extended family Cornia and Mitch live in Olympia. I had an open invitation to visit, stay. I could have used a shower, their darling company. I was tired from losing sleep over Roy the night before. But after Roy’s repairs, could I stay in the city, even one night? Heck no! I made it back to my Rainer campsite for a late afternoon hike to Carter Falls and bike cruising the A through D camp loops (love to see others’ camp outfits, little children, families). Beyond mossy and ferny forests, rivers and lakes, there are waterfalls, and, light.

Reverent, sacred, holy. Light.   By the Grace of God. Light.

22 Carter Falls 21 Hollow tree light