Monday, July 20

Big girl panties day. Left laid-back Lost Valley and came to big city Eugene. Have spent a few hours fiddling with Chickenomics website and Gypsy Tour blog — ALL BY MYSELF!!! No Carlos handholding (doing it for me). I had been stalling like crazy with launching Chickenomics, having decided it was one of my dumber ideas. Sunday afternoon before leaving on roadtrip, Carlos — six inches from my face — had said not once, but twice “Grow Up Cynthia” — and took Chickenomics live. Crap Carlos, I outrank you, you’re only 21!

Little by little, I’m learning new skills, including patience and compassion for myself first and foremost. BTW, its damn hot here in Eugene. Outa here, back to the country, go lookin’ for some hot springs.

Near first thing I saw dropping into Eugene. Garden shop Petunia wall! Only about one-third of it here. Very fragrant. Swoon!


18 Petunias wall Eugene