Friday, September 4th

The tour is in the wind-up /wind-down. I’m over the deal making a few days ago of “I can keep living in Roy when back in Reno”. I had a hot shower this morning in a really nice clean bathroom and I gotta say, it was mighty nice. Two nights in Olympia with family Corina and Mitch after a week of Olympic rain forests. Being with Koos and Mitch took off  the edge of re-entry. Their dog Sprout and my buddy dog  in Roy ready to drive!

160 me koos mitch160 sprout


Visited the Olympia VW dealership again for Roy a new battery. So, my $300 coming and going Roy on the gypsy tour. Koos said to just think of it as rent. That totally works. Jeff got us in Thursday with diagnosis dead battery, maybe a coming on alternator matter. We’ll see…Roy’s rent.   The last few days had been a bit sketchy camping and waking up to rain forest dead battery. Wonderful folks in Sol Duc campground jumped me evening and morning.  Lovely Hood Rive family – Erin, Sam (9) and Casey. I could have visited with them most of the morning and look forward to staying in touch. Actually, I could of hung out all day with them, but I needed to get Roy to Olympia VW.

151 Erin, Sam, Casey

Before Sol Duc, I met up at Bear Tracks with Sarah, Dillion, Steve, Cami, Kathy, more family and friends, out at Bear Tracks for  big Monday clean-up. Kathy (mom Dillon and Steve) put my on kitchen cleaning. Then, Sarah put me on lunch round-up. Set up Roy’s kitchen down from the cabin, we got a table for chopping and slicing  vegetables. I cooked up my turmeric,cinnamon, sundried tomatoes, chopped nuts, raisins,  blessed rice. Kathy, Sarah, and I cooked up the purple cauliflower, orange carrots, chard, onions, garlic, leek; with scrambelin eggs and smoked salmon skillet cooked in. Topped with crisp cucumber and pepper slices. Pink salt to taste, hot sauce.  Kathy and men cookin’ pics won’t up load (Carlo!s).


162 sarah bride 2161 sarah bride158 sarah dahlias