Friday, August 28th

I am in the Olympic National Park right outside of Port Angeles, Washington northern coast. Arrived Thursday, took in the views and hike in “high country”, around  5200 feet. To the west a range of a dozen peaks in the 5 – 6,000 foot range from otherwise sea level base. It’s dry dry dry here, with the scattering of glaciers across peaks largely gone — forever. There is still quite a pocket of glacier pack further back in a cluster of far away peaks.

Driving from Port Townsend (after spending Wednesday in another mossy ferny state park) to Port Angeles I came across some native American totem poles, and, Fat Smitty’s lumberjack, burger, and Pepsi totems.


131 Totem130 Fat Smitty's132 Totems

Played over and over again a new song “When the Rains Came”, singing, praying, affirming. Gentle rains started about midnight Thursday of the full moon in my mossy ferny campground. Morning mediation sitting / reading I am cocooned in the receding forest mists. Soon I will venture out for a long day’s forest hike. Just now a crow was in my campsite cawing several times, calling, beckoning me to not be afraid. It’s Jo Anne Garrett (Baker NV decades friend, deceased 2 years this October) who came to me in a dream years ago, landing on my shoulder, her right eye to my left, looking out into the future, “Don’t be afraid Cynthia, don’t be afraid.” I am filled with deep gratitude, purpose and desire.

Quite an amazing 7 mile loop hike with / through / in mists, sprites, and spirits. With vision limited to foreground, I realized I did not need to see further, trusting, knowing the path before me was sure and true. What did the mists want me to  hear? The absolute silence beyond the three levels of OM (or “AUM”): waking, dreaming , deep sleep; gross, subtle, casual; conscious, unconscious, subconscious; coming, being, going. The absolute silence beyond the three levels is the silence after OM – AUM.

135 wild tree root134 hiking ridge136 campground tree stump133 tree lichen

What did the mists want me to see? The spider web?  Look very carefully!!!

137 spider web




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  1. What an amazing tree. Gnarled roots reaching out perhaps for help. It needs none. It’s demise shows beauty and pride.

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