Wednesday, August 26th

I tore myself away from Bellingham yesterday afternoon, saying so long for now to Ruth, Carole, and “The Homestead”. Headed south and west back to port side Anacortes for regional community group “Sustainable Connections” 15 year anniversary celebration. Sustainable Connections is engaged in cultivating sustainable economic and environmental practices via energy efficiency and renewables, food and farming, business development, green buildings and smart growth, and think local first. Right up my alley! Great group of folks that I am looking forward to engaging with mid-2016.

Leaving Bellingham stopped by The Center for Local Self Reliance — bicycle-close to Ruth and Carole’s. Their amazing community garden caught my eye and heart a couple of weeks ago. The pictures don’t do justice. First time there a week or so ago I was particularly struck by the tomatoes! Larry — garden manager (?) explained the “tomato project” of field testing Eastern Europe Mediterranean varieties as more suited to the region’s climate conditions, noting the recent “exception” or changing trend in weather (for instance little if any rain in the otherwise “all rain” month of June) toward dryer / hotter Northern California. Okay, I wasn’t quite skipping through the gorgeous garden — more like a butterfly flitting here and there.

101 Tomato Project100 Dahlia


The Center for Local Self Reliance will be holding their “Skill Share” event this weekend. That’s staffer Bill holding signs for me. Looks to be a great event. Can’t wait till next year.

124 Bill Skillshare125 Bill skillshare 2


Before leaving Ruth and Carole’s, I sautéed up a huge mess of greens with “tons” of onions, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, carrots, zukes; some rice stirred in, topped with cucumbers and avocados. Roy makes a great near outdoor kitchen with plenty of room to cook my favorite way — wild and messy. Ruth sent me to a local produce stand about 5 minutes away. Directions — after 2 rights and 1 left, keep going down the road and “you’ll be on it [Joe’s]”. No kidding! I squealed with glee, did a u-turn right there and snapped these two pictures. HUGE fields (by my standards at least) and all the produce I could ever want or need. Glad to know my local source for boxes of canning, freezing, and dehydrating peaches and such next year!

123 Ruth and Carole So Long120 Joe's fields121 Joe's Sign

Ferry ride me and Roy from Whidbey Island to Port Townsend in a couple of hours. New experience for us! Darling niece Sarah’s wedding in Port Angeles Saturday! Back to Reno from gypsy tour in about 10 days.

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  1. Delightful woman, we miss you already. Eating leftovers from your delicious meal (which also included chard, raisins, walnuts and more) I smile knowing you will return. Plans are afoot to festoon the Homestead entrance-path to the Butterfly House with grape hyacinths. We send our love.

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